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Back-to-School Getting-to-Know You ActivitiesInterdisciplinary Support

Getting-to-Know You Activities

Members of the MSLACC (Middle School Language Arts Curriculum Committee) were asked to collect as many getting-to-know you activities from teachers as possible in order to create a districtwide compilation. Both veteran teachers and new teachers made submissions so that teachers could have at their fingertips a plethora of activities to use during the first few days of a new school year.

Below are 25+ ideas that were submitted from across the district listed in alphabetical order (posted as PDF files).

First Days of School for Teachers

Updated July 12, 2007

The first days of school are an exciting time for students and teachers. Check out this "cheat sheet" by Harry Wong -- a one-page summary of major concepts found in the First Days of School and other resources:

Getting-to-Know You Activities for Students

Updated April 11, 2006
Autobiographical Writing
Back-to-School Kit
Biography Poster
Collage Booklet
Constructing a New School Year
Cultural Bingo
Fib Finders
Happy New Year!
Identity Bags
Improv Games
Inspirational Poem
Life Map, Loves and Hates
Name Design
Name Games
Name Games 2
New Year's Eve
Note and Quote
People Search
Personality Project
Pet Peeves
Recipe for Getting to Know You
Scavenger Hunt
Silhouette Collage
Snowball Fight
Student Profile Survey
Torpedo Game
Vocabulary Icebreaker
Word Snapshots

Newest Activities Added!

Vocabulary IcebreakerVocabulary Icebreaker
Preview SAT vocabulary while getting to know your students' personalities. This is also an excellent opportunity to review adjectives and their function in writing. Download instructions…

Torpedo Game Torpedo Game
Read about the Torpedo Game submitted by Pamela Dupuis and Shane Mitchell. Learn student names at lightning speed while improving student concentration! Download instructions…

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