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Language ArtsComprehensive Reading Program

Reading Intervention


Class Assessment Spreadsheet: PDF or Excel

DRA Interpretation Key
The DRA is a reading assessment given in the elementary schools. Testing results can be found on the left-hand side of the Assessment database when looking up SBA scores. DRA Chart

Check the Gates-MacGinitie page for information and resources about this reading test.

San Diego Quick Assessment List
A one-on-one word call assessment that will help you determine a student's independent, instructional, and frustration reading level.


Middle School Reading Intervention Curriculum
This document provides flow charts as well as narrative descriptions of the expectations for Middle School Reading Intervention classes.


Bridges to Literature


Low Readability/High Interest Trade Books at each school:

Central Clark Goldenview Gruening Hanshew
Mears Mirror Lake Romig Wendler  

Jamestown Reading Fluency



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