Wellness policy implemented in 2006


Apple with nutrition label

Healthy choices

Snack and beverage criteria

<30% Total calories from fat

<10% Total calories from saturated fat

<35% Added sugar by volume/weight

<600 mg Sodium

In June 2006, ASD implemented a new wellness policy that was designed to steer employees and students towards healthy alternatives and, in doing so, effectively banned soda and junk food in school.


The following guidelines affected vending machines, school stores, school and administrative offices, high school cafeteria fountain drink machines, and fundraisers beginning in the fall of 2006:


  • Sodas will not be allowed in any vending machines.
  • Healthy choices are defined as no more than 30% total calories coming from fat with 10% or less of those coming from saturated fat and where added sugar is less than 35% by volume.


Vending companies gave the district a list of products they carry that meet the new guidelines:



Materials for staff and parents



Policy development






Wellness online

EatSmart: Nutrition Education


New England Dairy & Food Council


Providence: Healthy Alaska Information


USDA: Choose My Plate


April 2012 update

‌‌USDA logo‌The district is currently reviewing its wellness policy to ensure it is compliant with the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010. The federal act has more specific requirements and guidelines than what the district originally adopted in its own wellness plan in 2006. Schools are also encouraged to review their current practices.