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Emergency closures

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How is the decision made to close or delay school?

School officials consult several sources to determine weather and road conditions. They advise the superintendent, who makes the final decision to delay school starting times or close school. Read the district’s Emergency School Closure Procedures for more details.


When will snow be cleared from schools?

School parking and driveway areas are cleared with the following priority:

    school policy

    Read the district's Emergency School Closure Procedures for additional details.

  1. Faculty and public parking, including fire hydrants at schools without internal sprinkler systems and primary fire lanes.
  2. Bus lanes
  3. Handicap parking
  4. Student parking
  5. Secondary fire lanes
  6. Snow removal and hauling to dump sites
  7. Skating rinks and cross country ski trail assembly areas

Following a snowstorm, student parking areas might not be plowed by the start of the school day. Students who normally drive to school should consider taking the bus or carpooling until student parking areas are cleared.


Are after-school activities canceled?

The cancellation of after-school activities may be included in information posted here on the district’s Web site. Check our home page “District News Headlines” section first. Some activities are canceled on a school-by-school basis, so it’s best to call your school if there is no mention of cancellations in districtwide information.


When is the decision made to close school?

The superintendent makes the final decision between 4:30 and 5 a.m. on inclement weather days.


What factors are considered in deciding to close schools?

Safety of students and staff is the number one priority when the decision is made whether to close schools. The superintendent must also weigh the effects a potential closure may have on the community. For example:

  • Many parents must find immediate childcare or stay home from work for the day. In turn, the workforce across the municipality may be drastically reduced.
  • The district has a limited number of snow days available for use before it is forced to add days to the school calendar.
  • A closure may affect the critical, high-stakes testing and assessment calendar set by the state.
  • Many students close to graduation need credit hours and lessons completed to earn a diploma. A closure may have a negative impact on their efforts.
Can I keep my child at home?

Parents are encouraged to use their judgment to determine what is best for their children. Parents and guardians should notify their childen’s school of the excused absence.


What about non-weather emergencies?

Each school and administrative building has developed its own disaster and crisis plan that outlines how staff would respond in an emergency situation. Parents may inquire with their school’s principal to review the policy. Employees should talk to their supervisor. ASD is dedicated to providing a safe place to learn, work and visit. Emergency plan questions may be directed to each school’s principal or the district’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness office at 742-7800.

Is school closed or delayed today?

Look at the banner across the top of this Web page or the ASD home page. Do you see any red notices like those highlighted in the sample below? If not, there are no school delays or closures. If you see these boxes, click the corresponding links for more details. All school delays and closures — including ones that may not be districtwide — are posted immediately to the district’s Web site.


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District closure information is distributed to a variety of sources. Check these for more details:

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Local radio
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Photo of kid in winterDress for the cold

See our winter weather page for advice about dressing for cold weather and district policy regarding elementary school recess.


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