Kasuun Elementary

School performance assessments and surveys

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The Anchorage School District produces several reports to assess school performance, goals, student issues and community input. Some reports shown below are required by federal and/or state government, others are produced at the direction of the Anchorage School Board. See the Assessment and Evaluation or No Child Left Behind department pages for additional information. The most current report is provided below unless otherwise noted.


Destination 2020
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The Destination 2020 report outlines targets that guide schools toward achieving school board goals..

Kasuun Elementary School Destination 2020


Climate and Connectedness Survey

Click for more icon‌This survey provides schools with information about perceptions and experiences related to school climate for use in setting school goals and redirecting resources. ASD administers this survey to students in grades 3-4 and 5-12, all school staff, and parents/guardians of students in grades K-12.

Kasuun Elementary School Climate and Connectedness Survey


School Report Card

Click for more icon‌This report meets state and federal School Report Card to the Public requirements.

Kasuun Elementary School Report Card


School Improvement Plan

Click for more icon‌School improvement teams create and monitor plans for making continuous academic progress.

Kasuun Elementary School Plan


Activity/Athletic Interest Survey

Click for more icon‌This survey is related to activity and athletic involvement in school as well as in the community. It is distributed to all schools within ASD that serve grades 8 through 11.

Kasuun Elementary School Activity/Athletic Interest Survey