How to Add Captions to a Google Drive Video

To add captions to a Google Drive video, begin by making a transcript of the video in Microsoft Word.


To help with readability, put descriptions like [music] or [laughter] inside square brackets to describe non-verbal audio. When there is a change in speaker, add >> at the beginning of the new line. When your transcript is complete, save the document as a .txt file. 


Once your document has been saved as a .txt file, you can upload it to your video in Google Drive. To do this, right click, or Ctrl+Click on the video file and select "Manage caption tracks" from the list.

How to add caption track in Google Drive


Click the "Add new captions or Transcripts" plus-sign button, and select your .txt transcript. Give the transcript a name, and click "upload."

How to add caption track in Google Drive


How to add caption track in Google Drive


The transcript may take a few minutes to process. Once processing is done, click "done."


You can now view your video, and click the "cc" button in the bottom right hand corner to view the closed captioning. 

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