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High School Graduation Qualifying Examination

Retest after high school

Students who hold a Certificate of Achievement from an Alaskan public school district may request a retest of the HSGQE.

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The High School Graduation Qualifying Examination (HSGQE) measures minimum competencies of essential skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Passing all three sections of the HSGQE is part of the requirements to receive a diploma in the State of Alaska. The HSGQE is administered in the fall and spring. Students must take the HSGQE for the first time in the spring of the 10th grade. At the 10th grade this test will generate a score for the HSGQE graduation requirement and a score for assessing the student's performance based upon the Grade Level Expectations for a 10th-grader.


The HSGQE is offered in the spring and fall for 11th- and 12th-graders who did not pass one or more subtest of the HSGQE in 10th grade. Eleventh and 12th grade students who need to retake one or more subtests of the HSGQE must retest at least once each year until they meet the proficiency requirement. Students receiving a certificate of achievement can retest twice each year until they meet the proficiency requirement. A student who has a certificate of achievement will be awarded a diploma after passing all subtests of the HSGQE.


Practice exams

The State of Alaska maintains a page with HSGQE practice tests, answers and guides for reading, writing math and science. Scroll down the page to grade level 10.

Alaska practice exams


Math practice items

The math practice items were developed by ASD math teachers Alison Mall and Jan Slattery. These  were developed using the performance standards which tie directly to the way the results of the HSGQE are reported at the student level.

Exam waivers

Students may be eligible for a waiver from passing the HSGQE. A student may submit an application to his/her local school board requesting a waiver. However, to qualify for a high school graduation diploma, a student must meet all other state and local school district graduation requirements, in addition to either passing the high school exam or receiving a waiver from passing the exam from their local school board.


The Department of Education & Early Development has developed three forms to make application to the local school board. These forms and guidelines to applying for waivers and appeals are included below:


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