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Alaska's hardest-working students can earn up to $4,755 a year. To qualify, students must take a specific, rigorous high school curriculum; earn a minimum 2.5 GPA; and do well on a college or career-readiness exam. Three collegiate levels plus a career/technical award are offered.

Alaska Performance Scholarship


The Alaska Performance Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides an opportunity for any future Alaska high school graduate who meets a core set of requirements to receive funding to pursue college and/or career training in Alaska.‌

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Qualified students need only complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply. 


Attention: New SAT cut scores for APS**

Collegiate Award 

Level 1

  • High School GPA 3.5
  • ACT 25 -or old SAT* 1680 -or new SAT** 1210
  • Specified high school curriculum


Level 2

  • High School GPA 3.0
  • ACT 23 -or old SAT* 1560 -or new SAT** 1130
  • Specified high school curriculum

Level 3

  • High School GPA 2.5
  • ACT 21 -or old SAT* 1450 -or new SAT** 1060
  • Specified high school curriculum

Career/Technical Award

Can be earned with qualifying WorkKeys instead of ACT/SAT scores.


 *taken before March 1, 2016 (2400 point scale)

** taken after March 1, 2016 (1600 point scale)


APS Eligibility Checklists 


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Class of 2016 and beyond

APS Eligibility Checklist 2016


Class of 2015 

 APS Eligibility Checklist 2015


APS CTE Eligibility Checklist 2015 and later


Class 2014

APS Eligibility Checklist 2014


APS CTE Eligibility Checklist class of 2014



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Administered by: AK Commission on Postsecondary Education

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