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November 18

Report to school board, direction given



Budget development



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Thank you to all who attended the recent community budget conversations. As you learned at the community conversations, there is a significant challenge in front of us. Your input is providing general guidance to the school board, the superintendent and his leadership team as the 2014-15 school year budget is being prepared.


$49 million budget shortfall over the next two years

A result of several years of flat to declining education funding, paired with inflation and significant health care cost increases


  • This equates to approximately 600 positions, or 9 percent of the district's workforce.
  • New potential reductions are in addition to the 215 positions eliminated in 2013-14. 


Follow-up from the meetings

A few have expressed concern regarding some information that was presented during the conversations


Information regarding programs and positions presented to the community were categorizations of district staffing levels. All programs and positions that represent at least a $2 million cost to the district were included in the discussion. The information should not be interpreted to represent any sort of predetermined cut list of potential budget reductions. There have been no decisions regarding program or staff reductions at this time.


Community Budget Conversations Report

Meeting outcomes are summarized in a report that includes results of the audience survey and key themes from the small group discussions.


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 Download the Community Budget Conversations Report

Key findings and themes that arose from the surveys and small group discussions.


Stay involved

Chat bubblesLet's keep the conversation going. The budget development process doesn't stop here. Stay informed and continue providing feedback every step of the way. The resources below will help you do just that: