ASD Facility Sustainment Needs‌‌‌

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Anchorage School District Facility Sustainment Needs (PDF)

The Capital Planning & Construction Department manages planning, design, construction and renovation of all ASD facilities. It also manages the Facility Condition Index and the Educational Adequacy Index of ASD facilities to ensure sustainment and optimize educational programs. The department receives capital project funds from legislative capital grants and voter approved municipal bonds to support a $60-80 million annual capital improvement program. The department works closely with the Municipality of Anchorage, design professionals and construction contractors to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and in compliance with all code and ASD specification requirements. 



Responsibly identify, prioritize, plan and manage the district's facility sustainment, restoration, modernization and energy projects through close collaboration with internal and external customers



Provide high-performing facilities that are healthy, safe, educationally appropriate and environmentally sustainable to support student success now and into the future 




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