Class Introduction:

Grade 2 students will learn technology skills in the context of creative projects.

Google Earth: Students learn navigation, magnification, and image perspective skills. Students learn how to markup images with SMART tools.
SMART Notebook: Students create Alaska Geography books using Google Earth images.
Geometric shape books: Students create geometric shape books using SMART Notebook software. Each notebook page contains geometric shapes filled with solid colors, gradient fills, transparency fills, overlapping shapes, and drag-and-drop images.

Class News

August 19, 2015
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!
It's great to see everybody again, and I'm very happy to meet the students new to Eagle Academy. Essential supplies for all students: 1) Your own flash drive with your name in permanent ink written on it. 2) Your own headphones with your name in permanent ink written on them. 3) Paper and pe...
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