Class Introduction:


“The OWL” (The Outstanding Wise Learner)
• The Abbreviation of OWL – Outstanding Wise Learner (English), and in Russian СОВА – Серьёзный Образованный Вдумчивый Активный (Serious Educated Thoughtful Active)

Criteria for the Russian Immersion Program Academic Award “The Owl”
1. Use Russian Language in class on a regular Basis;
2. Thrive to improve Russian oral and written language speech by using new words, expressions, and grammatical structures;
3. Participate in the Russian Immersion Events;
4. Assist classmates during Russian class activities;
5. Be an active participant in class instructional activities (questions, discussions, pair/group work, and ext.);
6. Show respect to self and others.

Eligibility: Students of the Russian Immersion Program – 9 though 12 Grades

Who can nominate a student to the Award:
• a student (self)
• a classmate or a group of classmates
• a teacher

Nomination Deadlines:

Grades 9 -11 by April 15, 2017
Grade 12 – by April 1, 2015

Award Ceremony will take place:
12 grade – During the Russian Immersion Graduation Ceremony – May 4, 2017
Grades -9-11 – TBA

The Award “The OWL” will be accompanied by an Award letter that will be signed by all members of the Award Committee.

• A student, who receives this award at least two times during his/her study at the Russian Immersion Program at West, will be awarded a “Large Owl” Academic Award at the Russian Immersion Program Graduation Ceremony in 12th grade.

Exception: The 2017 Large Owl award will be given to a 12th grader based on this year nomination.

• There are no limitations on how many awards will be given per grade. It will depend on a nomination and a decision of the Award Committee.