Looking for school events? 

Visit our media calendar page to see information about upcoming events at our schools and contact information.



Every day there are great things happening in our 90+ schools that are worthy of media coverage and you are happily invited into our classrooms to see learning first-hand.


With advance notice, we can help set up interviews with staff or students to be the “experts” for your story. Advance notice is also beneficial as many times students need media releases signed by their parents in order to be a part of the story.


Visiting a school

School building icon aqua If you’d like to visit a school, please contact the Communications Department prior to your arrival. If you've already scheduled the story with a school, please give us a quick email or phone call letting us know you plan to be there, that way we can quickly assist if any problems arise. And, quite frankly, most principals will contact us prior to granting media access to their school.



About the district

ASD logo aqua The district has a good relationship with the media and we're here to assist you throughout the school year. While we know not all news is good news, we expect fair and balanced stories as well as an opportunity to respond to comments or allegations made about ASD. “No comment” is not a phrase we like to use in the district. We look forward to working with you and are committed to providing accurate and timely information.



Emergencies and closures

Alarm clock In the event of weather-related school closures, the Communications Department will notify the community by 5:30 a.m. This includes media notification, posting to the district website and social media accounts, and ASD-TV cable channel 14. We do appreciate media assistance in helping get the word out on closure days.



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