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Project Ki'L

Ki'L (pronounced kul'uh) is a Dena'ina word for boy

Project Ki’L serves more than 500 Alaska Native and American Indian boys in grades pre-K through 5 in eight elementary schools

Why is Project Ki'l Needed?

Native boys’ scores on standards based tests are lower than those of any gender or ethnic group in Alaska. Native boys also have the highest high school dropout rates.

To increase high school graduation rates for Native boys.

To turn around negative trends.

To equip Native boys with culturally relevant tools and resources to excel in school and life.

What is Project Ki'L?

Project Ki’L seeks to demonstrate that culturally responsive education for preschool to 5th grade Alaska Native and American Indian boys results in higher academic outcomes.

It helps parents, community supporters and educators meet the unique needs of Native boys.

Project Ki’L also reaffirms their identity by celebrating Native heritage and traditions.

Our goals

Narrow the academic achievement gap between Native boys in grades K-5 and their non-Native peers.

Ensure more successful long-term outcomes for Native boys.

Create a more culturally inclusive climate in the project schools.

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    Resources for students, parents and educators and get the facts about Project Ki'l
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LOCATION 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd.

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