Anchorage School District

Information is presented to students who SEE it, SAY it, HEAR it, and FEEL it as their hands WRITE it.Multi-Sensory Instruction (MSI)

The Multi-Sensory Instruction approach teaches the student HOW to learn by teaching traditional subject matter in a non-traditional manner. It does not cure learning difficulties…it "goes around" it.

As students take in information, they SEE it, SAY it, HEAR it, and FEEL it as their hands WRITE it. The MSI trained teacher bases lesson plans on individual needs. MSI teachers may use supportive software to provide additional practice. Current brain research supports this type of instruction for students struggling in reading, writing, and spelling.

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The MSI program is available at the following schools. The lottery program is used for students that live outside the attendance area for a school.

School Grade Level Principal Phone
Baxter Elementary 1 – 6 Dawn Campbell 742-1750
Orion Elementary 1 – 3 Heather Mildon 742-0250
Rabbit Creek Ele. 1 and 2 Greg Balcao 742-5700
Tudor Elementary 1 – 3 Nicole Sommerville 742-1050
Hanshew Middle Sch. 7 and 8 Nancy Brain 349-1561

(Northwood ABC uses a variety of multi-sensory instructional strategies in addition to Spalding for students in grades 1 – 6. The principal is Deanna Beck at 742-6800.)