Anchorage School District

Curriculum Management Audit of the Anchorage School District, September 2002

Conducted by the International Curriculum Management Audit Center
Phi Delta Kappa International
Eighth and Union
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

In the spring of 2002, the Anchorage School Board commissioned Phi Delta Kappa International to conduct a curriculum audit for the Anchorage School District. A curriculum audit examines the extent to which there is alignment between the delivery of instruction and standards, benchmarks, curriculum, instructional materials and student performance measures. An audit reveals the extent to which staff and officials have developed and implemented a sound, valid, and operational system of curriculum management. Such a system enables the district to make maximum use of its human and financial resources in the education of students. The goal of the study is not to commend the district for its successes, but to make recommendations on how to improve instruction and student academic performance.

While the entire document is provided here as one large file, due to its size it is also broken down into sections. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these PDF files.

Curriculum Management Audit PDF icon. complete document (28M)

Section by Section breakdown

Executive Summary PDF icon. (21K)

Introduction PDF icon. (148K)

Methodology PDF icon. (69K)


Standard 1 PDF icon. (752K)

Standard 2 PDF icon. (316K)

Standard 3 PDF icon. (661K)

Standard 4 PDF icon. (206K)

Standard 5 PDF icon. (397K)

Recommendations of the PDK-CMSi Curriculum Management Audit Team PDF icon. (101K)

Summary PDF icon. (12K)

Appendices PDF icon. (193K)

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