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Manage a grant - So you didn't win?

You're probably wondering what to do next. Once you've been notified, make sure you follow-up with these steps:

Chasing moneyDon't give up!
Many grant seekers have several rejections under their belts before they score a win. Good luck!

  1. If you did not win a grant, call or e-mail us. This is a district requirement.

  2. Call or e-mail the funder and ask for feedback on your application. Often, they appreciate this demonstration of interest and this evidence of your commitment to keep trying. After all, grant readers put time and effort into reviewing your application. This will set you apart from competitors. Some grant programs will send you written readers' comments. This is a golden opportunity to revamp your proposal and re-submit it next year.

  3. Go to the grant program’s Web site and review the post-competition information on the site. You might find valuable information on what the funder liked and didn’t like in the applications they received, and you might see forthright suggestions for re-submission in the next grant cycle. Check the Web site occasionally over the next year for previews of the next grant cycle.

  4. Keep trying! The grant source might run this competition next year. Now that you’ve received feedback, you are better prepared to go back for another go-around.


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