Anchorage School District

Title VII, Indian Education Program

Elitnaurvik Within East (EWE)

EWE Motto: "Reach out and catch your dreams" EWE Theme: EWE Pride and Achievement

East Anchorage High School
4025 East Northern Lights Blvd.
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
Phone 907-742-2225
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Elitnaurvik Within East (EWE), established in 1987, provides a program for over 300 Alaska Native and Native American Indian students at East Anchorage High School. It is a school-within-a-school supplementing the traditional curriculum, offering alternative classes for Native students. EWE incorporates Native values and issues, and successfully addresses different learning styles in its activities, course offerings, and work components. EWE enjoys widespread support in the community.

Exemplary Program Recognition Awards

Alaska Native Education Council
Showcase Award

Golden Achievement Award
National Public Schools Relations Association
EWE videotape

Alaska Showcase Project Award
Office of Indian Education
Washington DC

Blue Ribbon
School of Excellence Award
US Department of Education
Washington DC

1991, 1992 and 1993
Roger Lang Clearinghouse for
Circumpolar Education

1990 & 1991
Alaska Department of Education

EWE Alaskan Native Emphasis
Alaska Department of Education

Native American
Alaska Department of Education

The EWE Program utilizes expert staff and other resources from a number of sources, including: Indian Education Program, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Bilingual Education, Migrant Education Program, and the Anchorage School District.


Elitnaurvik Within East’s mission is to provide an educational community for Native students where they can feel comfortable with themselves and with East High School. EWE promotes cultural pride, self-respect, and life-long academic and social success through parent, teacher and student cooperation.

EWE Special Events and Activities

Tlingit Language Club started by the Tlingit Language Class at East High School and sponsored by Mrs. Shirley Kendall, World Language Teacher. 

Native Cultural Club (NCC) provides leadership training for students. The voices of the students give direction to the EWE Program. The NCC meets every Thursday during lunch. Students may earn a NCC letter for 750 hours of service and a bar for 250 additional hours. NCC activities include; special luncheons, holiday parties, annual Pow Wow, staff appreciation tea, honor roll recognition, retreat, awards banquet, picnic, and fund raising.

Native Youth Olympics starts in January and ends with Anchorage city preliminaries in March. The NYO Statewide competition is in April.

Native Emphasis Week is celebrated in March. Native arts and crafts demonstrations, guest speakers from the Native community, and traditional dress review are some of the highlights.

Alaska Federation of Natives Conference is an event in October that students attend to learn about current Native Alaskan issues, participate in workshops and interact with Native Alaskans from all over Alaska.

Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) after school fine and performing arts program includes teachings in: Native arts and crafts; Native dances, song, drumming, and performance skills; and Technology skills.

Close-Up: Washington DC and Hawaii is a weeklong trip interested and involved EWE Sophomore, Junior and Senior students participate in so that our students can expand their knowledge in the area of Social Studies, U.S. Government and our political systems.

EWE Awards Banquet is in honor of all of the EWE students and their successes. This event is to recognize all of our students and their achievements over the past school year. Students, families and friends are encouraged to attend this celebration.



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