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Library Resources mission: To make readily available and promote full utilization of all library supplementary learning material,  both print and non-print in order to facilitate the teaching/learning process and to help each student become an independent, self-motivated learner.

To accomplish this purpose the department provides all services necessary to place in the individual school library media centers their collections of print and audio visual software materials fully cataloged, ready for circulation, with a management system designed to facilitate ready storage and retrieval for full utilization by both teachers and students; provides a data base of the supplementary materials available throughout the District as well as elsewhere in the state of Alaska and the nation; implements and maximizes interschool utilization; and facilitates resource sharing through interlibrary loans with other library system.

The Library Resources Committee meets monthly as an advisory mechanism to the administrator of the Library Resources Department. Issues and concerns on library services from the department and library automation usually dominate the agenda. At times the committee members have been utilized as part of the library technology oversight process.


The mission of the Anchorage School District is to educate students for success in life. School librarians work in a collaborative manner with all educators and parents to promote student achievement through library media programming. Access to information and resource sharing are two basic elements in promoting library services in the school program.

To accomplish this the district established a centralized library services and automation department called Library Resources. Library Resources facilitates the development of the library index for the entire system. New materials added to the district are indexed for online retrieval using a bibliographic utility called OCLC (Online Catalog Library Center) and national standards in cataloging and classification are maintained.

Configuration of the new library technology includes a web-accessible online system with Z39.50 compliance and was installed in January 2000. The library index includes 1.2 million items and can be assessed as a system index or by school indexes. Bibliographic support and maintenance of the online public access catalog (OPAC) is centered at Library Resources. Administrative system reports are made at Library Resources.

Material in the Anchorage School District library index includes: books, multimedia such as videos, slides, kits, sound recordings, musical scores, serials, computer software, and access to information on the Internet. A portion of the collection includes information of materials not yet automated.

Staff development and training are provided in many library services: automation, circulation, interlibrary loans, collection development, library programming, children's literature, reference materials, remote and direct library automation services, and numerous curriculum and educational issues. Library seminars are offered to librarians, library assistants, curriculum specialists, educators, principals, parents, and members of the community.

Library Resources personnel provide technical bulletins on all aspects of the library automation program. The department serves as the center for solving library automation problems and for providing solutions in the library technology software applications and trouble shoot with the hardware used.

The department maintains a library web page on library services. It also assists in opening day library collections for new schools. It also facilitates preview activity for new library materials for interested educators. Interlibrary loan requests for out-of-the district transactions are also handled by the department.




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