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Introduction: FAQ's are quick answers and point to additional resources

TLS is divided into modules, each module has very unique functions
The Q/A's are divided into each module, LS2 Staff, Reports, PAC and other

TLC 2.2 Patch Update 7-2012
Enhancements: A new tab List and Actions, allows staff to create lists with filters.

  • TLC system requirements -
  • Browser Support Policy
    As of June 1, 2012
    TLC's web-based applications are developed and optimized for the following browser versions:
    • Internet Explorer - The latest two versions with a 12 month phase out period will be supported. For example, when Internet Explorer version 10 is officially released, TLC will continue to support IE8 for a period of one year.
    • Firefox - Due to the accelerated rate at which updates are released, TLC will support the latest three versions.
    • Chrome - Due to the accelerated rate at which updates are released, TLC will support the latest three versions.
    • Safari - The latest two versions will be supported. *Reports module will not function in Safari

    Applications may continue to function in versions that are no longer supported, but TLC will only consider addressing issues that are present in the versions that are covered above.

    Short answer:
    TLC recommends:
    Windows XP workstations
    Latest IE8 browser, or the latest version possible of Firefox using the criteria above. 
    Vista or Windows 7 workstation, recommend IE9, or the latest version possible of Firefox using the criteria above.
    Mac's, go with the latest version of Firefox possible, using the criteria listed above, that has Adobe Plug-in to view PDF within the browser

  • OTF Playaways and Audio Books » These links will open in a new window

EOY DATE ___ EOY - 2013/14
Seniors Last day April 18th     Everybody else May 9th

Introduction: The established EOY due dates for all levels is the Friday 2 weeks before school is closed. The EOY date for seniors can be 2 weeks or 3 weeks before all other grade levels, the option for senior EOY date is requested from each location with grade 12, just before the close of school; if no reply is received from the school before the close of the current school year, the default will be 3 weeks. Locations can request by email a modification of EOY date per location and grade level. All requests will be reviewed by Library Services Supervisor.

TLC photos are updated from Zangle - the date stamp triggers the photos to be extracted and then updated in TLC
The photo load to Zangle is by the school registrar
1 - The photographers, give the school registrar a CD of the photos to load
2 - The registrar can load the photos to Zangle - Fridays photos are uploaded
3 - The registrar can get assistance from Zangle help desk

Item Transfer - under tab Staff Services is the function to move physical material from location to location or assign to a new collection - link to help file: Item Transfers » These links will open in a new window

LS2 Staff

  • The Messages option on the Staff Services tab opens the Messages page, displaying a list of current messages.  You can also open the Messages page by clicking the Envelope symbol env0115.gif or the message count symbol coun0302.gif, both displayed at the top of the LS2 Staff interface.  These messages are copies of the notifications that were displayed during check in regarding any special handling that is required of checked in items.  The messages displayed may advise to transfer an item to another location, or to retrieve the item from the shelf and check in the item.


  • How to find item barcodes min -max or All barcodes -



  • Book jackets that display gray, do not have a matching ISBN to the pool of TLC book jacket art. An alternate image can be loaded, submit image to LR - Link to instructions!
  • How to log in to My account - Click on link - My Account - or from search screen select - Log On
      • Library ID: Ask your librarian
      • Pin: Ask your librarian
      • Once you access your account, you can create an EZ log in
  • To publish Book river and Display case saved searches, log in with your library ID, all librarian staff accounts have been set to admin.
  • TBA Link to How to create custom PAC River instructions »These links will open in a new window
    • To access your admin account, use your library ID number - not your EZ log in
    • After you have logged in as admin - create a new admin EZ log in
  • Printing saved lists: "!!**Use List & Actions in LS2 Staff" Known issue, if list has more than 20 titles, print option can take considerable time and may end in an error message. Instead of print button at the bottom of "My Lists" - try button Bibliography Export, then from pop up window, select print.
  • Lexile: if the record has a 521 field, then the title will be a filter selection in the PAC under Primary Audience. Review search tips! »These links will open in a new window
    You can also search by lexile, example enter-  Lexile 7** - will bring back items that have any lexile between 700 and 799 if that info is in the MARC 521 field.


OCLC FirstSearch service >1st Search






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