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TLC Holding codes
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Introduction: TLC Collections are item types, such as Fiction, Everybody, etc. The collection is identified in the holdingscode with the two letter school code, example SOFIC = South High Fiction. Some of these choices you can make and some are intended for very specific sites for very specific location of items. A description has been provided for clarification.

Circ module Display Long Description
6TR 6 Straights
AK Alaskana
ANTQ Antiquity
AUDB Audio Book
BAGB Book Bag
BEGC Beginning Chapter Book
BIGB Big Book
BIO Biography
BOB Battle of the Books
BRDB Board Books
DISP Display - special collection on display
EB Everybody Books
EBOK E-Books - electronic reference / books
EDM Everyday Math
ELL English Language Learners - only Curriculum Library
EQ Equipment
FACT First Fact
FIC Fiction
FLING Foreign Language
GRNV Graphic Novel
ILL Inter Library Loans
INED Indian Education - only Curriculum Library
LITY Literacy
LSET Literature Set
MEM Memorials
NF Nonfiction
OVSZ Oversize
PBK Paperback
PER Periodical
PRC Parent Resource Center
PRO Professional
READ Read Strategy
REF Reference
SC Story Collection
STFD Staff Development
STOR Storage - shadowed collection for items not on shelf
SW Software
SR Sound Recording
TTL1 Title One -
VCOL Video Collection
VISM Visually Impaired - only Curriculum Library
WD Withdrawn - shadowed collection of deleted items
YRC Young Readers Choice

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