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Introduction: After an exhausting search of the LS Staff Module and the PAC (little humorexhausted). Send an email to Library Resources of the WorldCat MARC record. A MARC record will be created in ASD catalog for the item.


Detailed instructions in PDF


Quick Look
Step 1
To look for the detailed record:

1. On the FirstSearch log in screen, enter:
a. Authorization code: Request from LR dept
b. Password: Request from LR dept.

2. Search window opens

3. WorldCat
b. In the ISBN data well type (scan if working with a scanner) the ISBN of the book. Use the ISBN from inside the book if it is not the same as the one on the back cover of book. If there is no ISBN, search the material by title, author, etc. If more than one record is found for the item you are searching for, each record needs to be scrutinized carefully to be sure the correct FirstSearch is sent to Library Resources.
c. If the detailed record has the statement: "FirstSearch indicates your institution owns the item" that means the record should already be in the ASD catalog. Set aside and do not email record. You may add your item to the MARC record in the ASD catalog without sending anything to Library Resources.

Step 2
"Send as HTML" by Record format
1. Adding additional information to email with detailed record:
a. Summery, Table of contents, Series Statement --if you want entered on MARC
b. On EbscoHost screen select *NoveList for fiction, **NoveList K-8 Plus for nonfiction.
**Change screen to advanced search. NoveList site can be searched by ISBN, Author, Title, Series or Keyword by selecting the options on the right of data well. When you find the entry click on “More about This Book” tab. Copy the Genre, subject headings, contents, summary and location to paste into the email of the detailed record, if not already in the 1st Search record.
a. Left click mouse and highlight from Genre down to Subject headings, go to Edit at the toolbar across top of screen and click "copy".

2. Go back to WorldCat screen.
a. "Send as HTML" by Record format
b. Click on the email icon on record. The following screen opens.
c. In the Notes area click in the data well and go to Edit on the toolbar at top of screen and click on "paste". The extra is now in the email.
d. Add your barcode, school code and requested Call Number in the Notes field. Scan barcode, double check ***ALL 14 digits are visible***.

Step 3
Send record to Library Resources by e-mail: LR_Process@asdk12.org

1.Addressing and sending email:
Note: If you use a scanner to enter the ISBN, make sure all information is in and you scan the ISBN last. The scanner enters an automatic return that will send the email.

a. Select "Detailed record(s)" by Record detail:
b. Select "Send as HTML" by Record format
c.In subject line type LRD(no space)title(space)ISBN of book. 2 Examples
Example: LRDHunger games 9780439023481
Example: LRDDragon teaches flight school 56789023456678 Series
d. Leave Sender e-mail address blank.
e. Please put your name in the line by Your full name:

2. Click send button. Message popup will confirm mail has been sent.

Repeat process for each item that needs to be added to the ASD catalog

Note: the same e-mail address and sender name will be retained until you change them or close the database.

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