Anchorage School District

Bartlett High School

Why did you choose to take Chinese?

"I love Asian cultures so the moment I heard this was open I took it without thoughts. I took Spanish for three years but I felt like it was time for a change of pace. So I took Chinese. The characters, writing in pingying, learning how to actually speak in Chinese, it gives me a thrill! This is my favorite class."

"I have always wanted to take a foreign language after hearing stories about my mother's exchange trip to Japan. In middle school the only languages were French and Spanish and they did not have any relevance to my future job ideas. But now I have found Chinese and I love it. I am even trying to go to China over the summer."

“I work in a Chinese environment so it was a good opportunity for me to go to school and learn, and then use what I've learned with the people I work with.”