Creating ASD's strategic plan

The Anchorage School Board and district leadership worked together to develop this shared vision of where our district is headed over the next several years to 2020. Destination 2020 is the district’s comprehensive multi-year plan to increase student achievement. The plan focuses on improving the performance of every child to ensure at least one year’s academic growth every year.


We have firmly established our vision and embraced our core values in order to develop this plan that will ensure continued improvement. Destination 2020’s framework will guide us in long- and short-term planning and decision-making. It will drive how we prioritize our budgetary, staffing and physical resources.


Board Commitments

While developing this strategic plan, the board reaffirmed its commitment to the following:


  • A collaborative and respectful governance relationship with the superintendent;
  • A rigorous core curriculum of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies;
  • A well-rounded educational program that integrates career and technical education, arts and athletics;
  • Instruction and early interventions that meet the needs of each student and moves them forward at least one year’s academic growth annually;
  • Effective public school choice options;
  • Parents and the community as informed partners; and
  • Cost-effective and efficient operations.


Implementing Destination 2020

The implementation of Destination 2020 is an integral part of our district, from the school board and administrative level to each individual employee. Staff’s alignment with the strategic plan is essential to improve student outcomes. Increased achievement will require the collective commitment and efforts of staff, parents and the community.


This plan is designed to provide a stable focus for ASD over a multi-year period, but it must also be responsive to any major changes in our environment or culture. To determine whether any revisions are needed, an annual review process is conducted by the board, superintendent and district leadership. This process enables the board and district leaders to receive updates on work that is in progress and identify new work that may be needed.


In the Anchorage School District, we expect a high-performing district that achieves exceptional results. We believe a process of continuous improvement can be consistent over time, transcending board membership and superintendents.


Components of the plan

Our goals and plans outlined in Destination 2020 started with a solid foundation. All of the pieces were designed to tie together, complement each other and build up to an end goal of improved student achievement by the year 2020.



To educate all students for success in life

The mission is the fundamental purpose of the district and why it exists. This is often considered the district’s overall goal.



All students will graduate prepared for post-secondary and employment opportunities

Our vision is what we aspire to be. It answers the question of what we want to create. A vision is designed to be long-term and focus on the future.



90 percent student proficiency, graduation, attendance, recommendation; 100 percent safety; efficiency

In order to meet our vision and fulfill our mission, the district must be committed to its goals and areas of focus. Goals are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Performance measures – Each of our goals contain one or more performance measures which use data and statistical evidence to determine progress toward the overall goal.



Academics, evaluation, professional learning, business management, operations, communications and human resources

Directed attention and effort is focused on key areas within the district to ensure we continue moving toward achieving our goals. Organizationally, the district is structured around these areas of focus to maximize the impact of our resources.



Potential, high expectations, accountability, safety and responsiveness

Core values are the guidelines for decision-making and ethical conduct. They are beliefs that are shared throughout the district. They are the guiding principles we use to reach our goals.



Educator accountability, effective communication, evidence-based curriculum and best-practice instruction, instructional differentiation, managed instruction, principal priorities, school innovation, technology integration

Operating principles are written statements that describe how staff will interact with each other and those they serve – peers, students, parents and community members. Operating principles are about everyday behaviors of employees.



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