Our goals for the future

How we're measuring progress toward Destination 2020


In order to meet our vision and fulfill our mission, the district must be committed to strategic initiatives and encompassing goals. Goals are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.


We use performance measures to evaluate our efforts. Each of our goals contains multiple one or more performance measures which use data and statistical evidence to determine progress. The Destination 2020 report compiled each year by the Assessment & Evaluation Department, reports on the progress within each performance measure and whether or not targets were met.


Click on a goal below to learn more and see how we're measuring achievement.

Goal 1: Performance

90% of students will be proficient in reading/writing and math.

Pencil Icon Goal 1 PNG

Performance ASD FY17 Goal Initiatives (DRAFT)


Goal 2: Graduation

90% of students will graduate high school

Graduation Cap icon Goal 2 PNG


Graduation ASD FY17 Goal Initiatives (DRAFT)


Goal 3: Attendance

Students will attend school at least 90% of the time

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Attendance ASD FY17 Goal Initiatives (DRAFT)

Goal 4: Recommendation

90% of parents will recommend their child's school to others

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Recommendation ASD FY17 Goal Initiatives (DRAFT)


Goal 5: Safety

100% of students will feel safe in school

Shield Icon Goal 5 PNG

Safety ASD FY17 Goal Initiatives (DRAFT)


Goal 6: Efficiency

100% of departments will operate efficiently

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