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Strengthen the Services

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Destination 2020 is the driving factor in all of our decision-making processes. We are targeting our services and managing our resources in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.


In order to benefit all students and increase academic achievement, we must strengthen our services in the classroom and in support of the classroom. To do this, we will use Destination 2020 to guide us in long- and short-term planning and decision-making. It drives h ow we prioritize our budgetary, staffing and physical resources.


We are making smart use of district resources so funds can be directed toward the classroom. Our students are the priority and we cannot forget that.


We are improving our effectiveness and efficiency





Update long-term financial outlook

Update six-year financial forecast; manage fund balance to sustain bond rating and remain within board fund balance policy guidelines.

Refine budget process

Develop pro forma budget assumptions using: 1) updated long-term financial outlook, 2) board guidance, 3) engagement of stakeholders and 4) review of operational efficiency benchmarks.

Update classroom technology

Refresh and extend mobile IT classroom resources and online testing support systems.





School safety

Evaluate and improve safety measures through implementation of new threat assessment guidelines in secondary schools.

Workplace safety

Reduce number and severity of ASD workplace accidents.

Learn more about Destination 2020:

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