Early intervention for K-4 students

CSF provides an early intervention for kindergarten through fourth-grade students whose behaviors are such that a targeted intervention is necessary to change anti-social behaviors to pro-social behaviors.


How it works

While the positive schoolwide discipline plan meets the needs of the majority of students, there are those who need more support. Find out how the program works »



This highly structured, districtwide, short-term program designed to empower K-4 students is available at Northwood ABC.


Northwood ABC (grades 1-4) 


Please contact the transition counselor with questions or for help with a referral. 742-6808


CSF Kindergarten Classroom:

Transitional/Program Counselor: Meg'n Gall  742-6942

Classroom Teacher: Letha Straley


CSF 1-2 Classroom:

Transitional/Program Counselor: Jessica Rivera 742-6808

Classroom Teacher: Kimberley Dalbeck


CSF 3-4 Classroom:

Transitional/Program Counselor:  Janice Banta (3-4 classroom) 742-6828

Classroom Counselor:  Kendra Besh

Classroom Teacher: Sam Owens




About the CSF Program

In recent years, a body of research has been building to suggest that there is a strong link between young children’s social-emotional competence and their chances of early school success.”

– excerpted from the Institute of Early Childhood Education and Research, University of British Columbia

Creating Successful Futures (CSF) is a highly structured, districtwide, short-term program designed to empower students in grades K-4 to make safe and positive choices. Teaming with schools and parents, CSF teachers, counselors and assistants teach students the skills needed to achieve academic and social success.


CSF began in the 2000-01 school year. Initially funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Safe and Drug Free Schools, it is now an established Tier II intervention program supporting ASD's Response to Instruction (RTI) goals.



The CSF program is coordinated by the senior director of Elementary Education, Glen Nielson. Questions may be directed to him via email or phone at 907-742-4254. The referral form is available for download here and once completed, should be sent to Elementary Education.


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