School statistics, demographics and other information

Many grants require statistical or factual information for your school or program. This can help establish your need, give a sense of urgency or excitement, and paint a compelling picture. Even when the grant doesn’t require it, we gain an edge over our competition when we provide solid, concrete numbers and evidence. 


Examples: Your enrollment, ethnicity figures, numbers of English Language Learners, trends in test scores, and income statistics.



The closest source for this information might be your school registrar or administrative assistant. You also can find a lot of information online on the ASD website - give these pages a try:


Your school website!

School report cards and other information.

ASD Assessment Team

The Assessment team, working under the Professional Learning Department, provides information on state and district assessments and surveys.


ASD Demographics 

This site has good information on ethnicities and overall enrollment.


Title I Site Eligibility

Do you need your school’s low-income or Free/Reduced lunch data? An excellent source is the Title I program’s annual NCLB Grant Application. The link above has low-income data for each school, pulled from the ASD Title I ESEA consolidated grant application to the state.



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