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I am excited to be the Health/SEL Specialist at Bayshore and Willow Crest this year. The ASD Elementary Health Curriculum is called 'The Great Body Shop. I include various
resources such as DVD's, SEL books, and models to enrich the program. I will be the coordinator for Healthy Futures of Alaska for both schools this year. I rotate with the Art
teacher on a 2-week basis at both schools. Your child will receive an “Effort Grade” on their report card under the Health section, with the exception of (K). Students will be
learning about how their bodies function and how to keep themselves safe, strong and healthy through the following topics:
Safety/Abuse Prevention
Body Systems
Healthy Habits
Human Growth and Development
Communicable Diseases
Just Say "No!" to Drugs
Physical Fitness
Parents can review all GBS materials at the following link to review the GBS Curriculum and for ideas that families can do together to extend the lessons being taught by
clicking on Parent Bulletins. http://www.asdk12.org/depts/HealthPE/health/GBS/index.asp
If you have any questions, concerns, or kudos, please email or call me at:
Bayshore Elementary 742-5360
Willow Crest Elementary 742-1000 or via email @ snelson_robert@asdk12.org