7th and 8th grade physical education

Homeroom: Girls locker room
Phone: (907) 742-5220

Welcome to physical education!! It is going to be a wonderful school year full of fun!
I am looking forward to having your child in class!

We are currently finishing up a Lacrosse unit. It has been alot of fun. We are also doing cardio days twice a week outside.
We are working on pacing ourselves while doing our runs. We are up to a one mile timed run. Soon, some students will
have the opportunity to run the lagoon!

As the temperature starts to cool, it is a good idea to wear sweats and a sweatshirt.

On the 22nd we will be inside for 7 days of pickleball! A very fun game. We will still be outside for cardio days tho!!

We are still selling sweatshirts for $25.00.