classroom music and choir

Homeroom: B105
Phone: (907) 349-9444

Hello and welcome to the world of music at Kasuun where we sing, move, create, and play in a variety of musical ways.
Classroom music classes are provided for grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. Instruction emphasizes experience in
movement, singing, playing Orff instruments, playing recorders, and unpitched percussion, and creating musical
compositions, plays, and dances. We also focus on music history and the composers in all of the grade levels.
In grades K-2 emphasis is given to experiencing the building blocks of music which include movement, matching pitch,
using rhythm, and discerning form.
In the 3rd grades students learn to play the recorder and need to purchase their own personal instrument. They will use
this instrument until 6th grade to practice reading the language of music. In this grade level students start making composition
decisions, experience cultural dances, experience rounds and partner songs, and experience simple Orff arrangements.
In the 4th grade and 5th grade students keep working with recorders, dances, singing skills, rhythm instruments, and Orff
instrument arrangements. They are asked to complete several compositions and to study the correlation of history and
In the 6th grade students are introduced to the alto recorder. A strong emphasis is placed on musical vocabulary and
music history. Students will also have the opportunity to choose band or orchestra. (Two other teachers are responsible for
these courses.)
Choir is available for students in 3rd through 6th grades. The schedule for choir will usually be available by October. It is
offered two days of the week after school.
Have a wonderful and musical day!