Educational Technology Teacher

Homeroom: Anchorage Education Center
Phone: (907) 244-3211

The Educational Technology Department is committed to ensuring that ASD students are prepared to thrive in our technology-rich 21st century world. Because technology plays such a vital role in the learning process, the EdTech department works closely with the division directors, the curriculum department, the training and professional development department, the information technology department, administrators and teachers to plan for the integration of technology into the curriculum. The foundational beliefs supporting our initiatives include the following: * School should be engaging, challenging, and relevant for all students * Students need to have global access to information and materials * Learning is a collaborative process that involves the community * Educational opportunities are not confined by the school calendar * Access to technology must be equitable for all students * Teachers should model the meaningful use of technology As an Educational Technology Teacher I will support five elementary schools. Our goal will be to support the EdTech initiatives and beliefs and to integrate and infuse technology into the curriculum. Here is a link to my EdTech Website l