Homeroom: A123
Phone: (907) 742-1494
Email: kachline_elisabeth@asdk12.org

Welcome to my school district Home Page. Students are working together to meet the Anchorage School District and Common Core Standards, to develop a cooperative community in the classroom, and to become life long learners. Feel free to come visit the classroom, to stop in and join our activities, or to come share your talents. Please feel free to e-mail me regarding any concerns. Kindergarten grades are not entered on a weekly basis so there is not an active Zangle grade book until the end of the each quarter. Students have nightly Take Home Folders. Notes on any behavior issues, parent letters, and other general information is provided in the folder. Parents/guardians are asked to sign the behavior log each night and return the folder the next school day. I look forward to communicating with parents both in person, by email and by phone. You can text me at anytime but I will respond by email as I do not use text or Twitter. Our class will be focusing on language arts using Core Knowledge Language Arts and mathematics using Go Math, along with a strong focus on Social Emotion Learning. We will do many cooperative group activities--sharing and learning together. We are looking forward to many exciting times this school year. Students will be busy learning many new skills with regard to reading and mathematics. It is important that students see active role modeling of the use of reading and math at home. Encourage your student to help with preparing meals, pouring juice and milk, and joining in the routines of family life. It is important that students be read to every day. If you have need of books at home, please let me know and I can arrange for you to borrow books from the classroom. You are welcome to visit the classroom at any time. Stop by school, sign in, and come down to Room A123. Join us in learning, sharing, caring, and "playing" any time that fits in your schedule. Mrs. Kachline