the Ignite Gifted Enrichment program for 2nd through 6th grade

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Thank you for visiting! I am the Ignite teacher based at Eagle River
Elementary and also serving Birchwood ABC and Chugiak Elementary. The
Ignite Gifted Program's mission is to provide enrichment to bright
students who need additional challenges beyond what they are getting in
their regular classroom. Our focus is to advance their higher level
thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity while teaching
high interest units.

Students who qualify for the program come to a
classroom in their school for two to three hours a week. The program
serves students from grades two through six. Completing at least one
semester of Ignite in sixth grade earns students the option of taking
Gifted Language Arts and/or Gifted Science Classes in Middle School.

Besides teaching enrichment classes to students in the program, I test
students who have been referred by teachers and parents. To qualify
for the Gifted Program, a student must earn scores of 96% national
percentile ranks on two ability tests and a 96% national percentile
rank on an achievement test.

If you would like more information on the Ignite program, feel
free to call or e-mail me.

Thanks for visiting and for your partnership in your child's education!

Steve Grabowski
Ignite Gifted Program
Birchwood ABC, Chugiak, and Eagle River Elementary