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I am so pleased to be spending this year with your children. Health is such a dynamic subject matter. It is going to be fun to share this curriculum with your children. They have so much interest in learning about themselves.

It is my belief that the most important health education will come from you, the parent, who will see your children many more hours in their lives than I will. Healthy lives begin with you through conversations about good
choices for food, exercise, safety, alcohol/drugs, mental health, etc.

Students in Health class will learn about healthy life habits, social & emotional skills, and how to care for their minds and bodies to give them the best chance at a long, healthy life. Our curriculum is The Great Body Shop
(GBS). You can visit this site at www.thegreatbodyshop.org. Kindergarten students will get a free CD of the music from The Great Body Shop! Occasionally, students will be given the magazines we use in class to take home.

Each month we will be studying a new topic in Health Class. Below are the subjects that we are studying each month. If you click on my link (Health, then Links, then the URL), you will be able to download the parents
letters that month. In September/Early October, we will be teaching physical & sexual abuse prevention. Students will learn to say NO!, GO away from the situation, & TELL an adult they trust.

August: Critical Thinking, introduction to the GBS characters

September: Safety and personal safety (including abuse prevention: Students learn to say NO!, GO away from the situation, & TELL an adult they trust).

October: Body Systems

November: Nutrition

December: Families, Dental Health, Body Systems part 2

January Growing Up!

February: Human Growth and Development

March: Say No to Drugs!

April: Illness Prevention

May: Exercise

Because I will have rotations between 3 schools: Fire Lake, Homestead, and Northern Lights ABC, email is the best way with which to contact me.
Thank you,
Julie Hargraves