Elementary Health- Grades K-6

Homeroom: room 139 Kasuun/Room 132 Scenic Park
Email: bronga_karen@asdk12.org

I am excited to be teaching health at Kasuun and Scenic Park and Sand Lake! I travel to Sand Lake on my Kasuun week Fridays. This year I start at Scenic Park and will begin a
pattern of two weeks at each school. It is easiest to get ahold of me via email, so please contact me that way if you have questions, kudos or concerns. Hopefully you'll be hearing
safety tips, warnings about germs and tidbits about healthy eating throughout the year. I love hearing about health tips your student shares. Through age appropriate, Great Body
Shop lessons, students will be learning about how their bodies function and how to keep themselves strong and healthy. To check our what we are learning, please click on these

Click on "Elementary Health" and then click on "Links" to see the link to the Health and PE department. You will find parent bulletins at this link, for each grade. Parent bulletins are a
way to review the content we are teaching and give you idea some ideas for families to extend the lesson.