Spanish 1, Spanish 2

Homeroom: Rm 59 far northwest of gym
Phone: (907) 742-2500

BIENVENIDOS! Students and parents...from myself and Lupe, la superpoodle! ---------------------ALL GRADE/ASSIGNMENT DETAILS and ANNOUNCEMENTS can now be found at ZANGLE and VHLCENTRAL.COM under CALENDAR. Vhlcentral online is our newly adopted curriculum.--------------------------- THE BEST WAY TO SUCCEED IN SPANISH CLASS (AND HIGH SCHOOL) IS TO ATTEND DAILY AND COMPLETE AND SHOW WORK AS INSTRUCTED. A POSITIVE, CAN DO ATTITUDE IS THE BEST WAY TO DEVELOP CONFIDENCE WITH A NEW LANGUAGE. PERFECTION IS AN ILLUSION BUT REAL PROGRESS COMES FROM CONSISTENT EFFORT. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES ARE INTERACTIVE AND BEING A TEAM PLAYER IS KEY. THIS WAY, EVERYONE HAS MORE FUN AND THE TIME FLIES. COURSE WORK:Check the Zangle gradebook daily for updates. Passwords are available at the West High main office or counseling office. On occasion, lengthier assignments will take more time to be graded and posted. MAKE UPS: Unexcused late work is 10% deducted each day for 100% completion after the due date until the following Wednesday deadline for make ups. (Due date is the beginning of period that assignment is due.). Profe does his best to flexible and understanding of student workloads. Therefore, dates in Zangle can change. Profe's extra help/make up time is WEDNESDAY AT LUNCH or by appointment after school Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday until at least 2:30. Or, just swing by and see if Profe is around. Sometimes I am here later and can help you out. ALL make ups from each week are due that same week or NO LATER than the FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY at lunch. Take advantage of time provided in class to reduce homework loads. ABSENCES: Regardless of absence status and other time conflicts, ALL MAKE UP WORK IS DUE NO LATER THAN THE WEEK ASSIGNED OR THE FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY LUNCHTIME MAKE UP SESSION . Of course, extended, EXCUSED absences will need case-by-case consideration. When in doubt, simply communicate any questions or concerns.