History and Philosophy

Homeroom: room 8
Phone: (907) 742-2500

Hello, you have reached my homepage for World History and Philosophy.

World History will have two semester projects:

!) Picking a book from the reading list (or other books with teacher approval) Then create a project that shows what you got out of this book. (examples will be shown in class) This is a creative project and i want
students to use their own initiative on this project.

Reading Project is due December 12, Friday

2) Research Paper. The rubric has been handed out in class and I will have extra copies at Parent/Teacher conferences. This is a project that focuses mostly on the research and the manner in which it is presented
in the Paper. Students will need 5 sources, one of which needs to be a primary source.

Research Paper is due December 8, Monday.

Philosophy will have two semester projects:

1) Book Review. Pick a book off the reading list or get teacher approval for one you want to read. There is a book review form that I will hand out in class.

Book Review is due Monday, December 8

2) "Credo" This is a personal philosophy but there are questions to be answered. There is a sheet of questions to guide you. (this will be handed out in class) This is a cumulative project and needs to be in depth
evidence of your thinking.

:Credo" is due Friday, December 12