Second Grade Russian Immersion English Partner Teacher

Homeroom: Room 15
Phone: (907) 742-7200
Email: turner_allison@asdk12.org

Welcome to Second Grade Russian Immersion!

*I am a 24 year veteran, “Highly Qualified” teacher who has taught Kindergarten through Fifth grades in Alaska, Michigan, and Minnesota.

*My passion is early foreign language acquisition. In my local public school in Michigan, I was taught French in second and third grades. Then in grades six through eight I attended a language lab where individual students went through auditory/visual language programs using headphones and tapes to learn: French, Spanish, Latin, and German. Learning all these languages really helped me to become a more effective learner across all curriculum areas. I also better understood the English language and I became a student of linguistics. Later in life, I learned Inupiat in Barrow, Alaska and Russian when the Russian Immersion School started at Turnagain in 2004.

*My Russian teacher partner, Ms. Erickson and I collaborate and team teach two classes in a half day Russian Immersion model. One group attends class with only Russian spoken and taught for one half of the school day. My group is taught Reading, Spelling, Writing, Math, Handwriting, and Social Emotional Learning activities in English. I also support the Science and Social Studies lessons which are taught in Russian. After lunch we switch classes. We use Promethean interactive white boards to infuse our lessons with technology. Our goal is to equip our students to become twenty first century digital, international, and culturally aware learners who can speak, read, and write in Russian fluently by twelfth grade.