Second Grade

Homeroom: B-4
Phone: (907) 337-1569

Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome to the second grade at Wonder Park Elementary! This is going to be a very exciting school year full of learning and
adventure. This year we will study the Ancient River Civilizations in Social Studies, continue the six-traits program in Writing,
advance our vocabulary in Reading and Spelling, learn about the Earth in Science, and focus on good healthy habits through
the Great Body Shop in Health.

Grading Policy: A 100-90 Outstanding
B 89-80 Great
C 79-70 Satisfactory
D 69-60 Borderline
F 59 & Less Not Passing

Classroom Rules: 1. Safety is the most important rule.
2. Respect yourself, classmates, staff, and visitors
3. Raise your hands and don't speak out of turn
4. Follow directions

Consequences: 1. Verbal warning
2. Time-out (5 min. in classroom)
3. Time-out (10 min. in classroom & behavior form)
4. Time-out (phone call home)
5. Detention/Visit to Principal's office
6. Suspension

Progress Reports: Monthly progress reports, weekly assgnment sheets, and any graded work will be sent in a School-to-
Home Folder every Thursday. It is the student's responsibility to get the progress report and make-up/missing work signed
and returned the next day(Friday). This will help you stay informed of what is being studied and how your student is
progressing in class.

Homework: It is important for the success of your student to read every day for at least 30 minutes. Homework will
include a weekly list of spelling words that they will be tested on each Friday. Math homework will be given as needed. Most of
our studies and assignments will be completed as classwork; however, if your student does not successfully complete the
classwork, it will automatically be taken home as homework.

Parties/Celebrations: According to the Anchorage School District Policy there are only to be 3 parties per school year.
Generally the celebrations include a Fall (October) , Winter Holiday (December), and Valentine's Day (February) party. You will
be notified in advance and provided with details regarding any upcoming parties and events. Birthday parties are an exception
to the rule, but please notify me in advance so that proper preparations can be made. The ASD is promoting healthy bodies
and nutrition and we are asking for nutritious items only.

Thank you in advance for your support and partnership in your child's education. Parental involvement is critical to the success of every child.


Joyce Banks
Wonder Park 4th Grade Teacher