General 4th Grade Curriculum

Homeroom: Rm 147
Phone: (907) 742-3800

Dear Families,

Hello and welcome! I am excited to have your child in my class! I feel confident that we will have a terrific year, full of
learning and fun!

Class Expectations: *Students should respect themselves by trying to do their best to learn. *Students should make
good choices. *Students should respect others so they can learn.

Class / School Behavior: Our school has adopted the Resolving Conflicts Creatively and Project Achieve (Stop and
Think) programs. These programs help students make good choices about their behavior, and help them learn to
resolve conflicts in a positive manner. School Decorum / Behavioral Expectations also give students the opportunity
to make choices that are safe, respectful, cooperative, kind and peaceful.

Incentive Programs: *Happy Stars / Monthly Class Auctions - Students have the opportunity to earn Happy Stars by
making good choices with regard to behavior, completing daily assignments, turning in homework, and returning
signed, weekly home / school communication letters. These stars will be used to bid on items during class auctions
held at the end of every month. *Pizza Parties: Table points will be awarded daily and tallied. The table with the most
points at the end of each day will earn a Happy Star. The group that has earned the most stars for the month will get a
lunchtime pizza party!

Homework: Students are expected to read for at least 30 minutes every evening. Students who complete and turn in
FRED sheets will earn Happy Stars for use during our end-of-month auctions. In addition to this, homework in other
areas will be assigned 2 to 4 times per week.

I look forward to talking with you throughout the year. Please feel free to ask any questions and express any
concerns or ideas you may have regarding your child, and his or her learning. Your child’s education and well being is
important to me. I want to work with parents / family members to make this year a success for all of us!

Thank You!

Ms. Michele