Homeroom: Room A123

Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Lynn Taylor and I am very excited to be working with your children this school year! I have been teaching at William Tyson Elementary for the past thirteen years and have been working for the Anchorage School District for 18 years. I have been teaching in the primary grades and this current year I am working with kindergarten kids. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you and your child.

William Tyson is a SFA school and in kindergarten we teach KinderCorner. KinderCorner is a full day, comprehensive kindergarten program for five year olds. It fosters children's language, cognitive, mathematical, emotional, interpersonal, creative, and physical decelopment. KinderCorner is developed as a spiral curriculum. Children are introduced to math, literacy, and thematic concepts and engage in concrete activities related to those concepts. They are reintroduced to them later before they are expected to demonstrate mastery of those concepts. .