Affective Skills and Study Skills

Homeroom: Room #217
Phone: (907) 742-5200

Welcome to my home page. I look forward to another exciting year! This is my 16th year teaching at Romig. I have a
23 year old son who is in his 1st year of medical of school. I was born and raised in Alaska and enjoy running,
Triathlons, and skiing. Below is a description of the courses I will be teaching.

Integrated Science 7/8
This is an integrated thematic program that teaches natural sciences through which common principles operate in
relationship to one another. Students explore areas of life science, chemistry, physics, earth and space science.

Social Studies 7

This course provides a survey of world physical and political geography. Interrelationships and the interdependence
of people in various physical settings will be stressed along with the geographic concepts of location, place,
movement and region.

Social Studies 8

This course will introduce the concepts, processes, and vocabulary of the social sciences. It will include studies and
history, geography, sociology, psychology, political science and law related studies, multicultural studies, and world

Study Skills 8

The purpose of this class is to assist students in being academically successful in their general education classes
and to improve their academic skills. The class will consist of two components: the acquisition of study skills (test
taking, note taking, organization) through direct instruction and independent learning.