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August, 15, 2015

Dear Families,

Why is Rogers Park Elementary a great place to attend school?

Some of the ideas we have captured from our community conversations:

1. Rogers Park offers its students a clean environment in which to work and play.
2. Specialists at Rogers Park Elementary engage students in creative and critical thinking in the areas of: Art and Design, Music and Drama, P.E. and Fitness and Uses of the Library.
3. Teachers at Rogers Park are kind, compassionate, and understand how kids learn.
4. Explorations in multiple areas in and out of school are offered twice a year to introduce students to new ideas and interests of their choice.
5. Flexible math groups are offered that engage students in challenges and math content that meets them at the level they are at.
6. Socratic Seminar through poetry, music, and classic literature prompts students to engage in open-ended dialogue concerning universal questions of our times.
7. Students are embraced for who they are and nurtured on the path to unleash their potential.
8. Wooded areas, rolling hills, soccer fields,basketball and four square courts, an ice-skating rink as well as safe playground apparatus engage students in nature and to use their imagination through play with others.
9. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is tailored to the characteristics of the highly-gifted child in order to promote self-awareness and understanding and acceptance of self and others.
10. The Call to Adventure of the Hero's Journey is initiated in Kindergarten and built upon through the teaching of Habits of the Mind (H.O.M.) in K-6th grades.
11. Mask-making/Poetry project-based learning is infused through third-grade curriculum to analyze the internalization each student has of HOM's they exhibit strength in and those they still need to support.
12. Rights of Passage Projects are a hallmark of sixth graders in the HG Program for the purpose of allowing students to witness their shedding of childhood into adolescence.

We've only just started the conversation; what can you add to it?
Feel free to e-mail, phone, or stop by Room #109 to share your thinking...

From the Heart~ For Our Kids~

Lisa Z. :-)


“The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths; the image of creative rebirth; the eternal cycle of change within us;
the uncanny discovery that the seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know.
The hero journey is a symbol that binds, in the original sense of the word, two distant ideas, the spiritual quest of the ancients with the modern search for identity,
always the one, shape-shifting yet marvelously constant story that we find.”

― Phil Cousineau