Anchorage School District


Health Education

Homeroom: 213
Phone: (907) 742-8200

Welcome to Health Education!

I am the Health Education Specialist for Goldenview Middle School. The Goal of this class is to help students take a greater interest in their own personal Health. We achieve this by bringing out Health studies that are meaningful and relevant to the students at this point and time in their lives as 12-15 year old people. It is easy to bring out relevant material, however the challenge is tweaking the students to see for themselves how they benefit from this knowledge. Teenage life is very complex and dynamic. The Foundation of our program is to improve student health by enhancing their abilities to: 1) access valid health information and services. 2) analyze the influences of their social culture, media, and technology on their identity. 3) develop goals and create plans to acheive them. 4) communicate more effectively with family and friends. 5) strengthen their level of advocacy for themselves or others in need of their support. 6) make good decisions that manage the values developed at home and become the kind of person they have the potential to be.
We have many units of curriculum to study and discuss. There are basically two phases to my program. In the first quarter we basically stick to modern concepts of Health and knowledge. These units involve: Understanding Health concepts, Social & Mental Health, Personal Fitness, Nutrition, and Media Literacy. The Second Quarter gets more in depth with Diet Analysis, Physiology of the Nervous System, Substance Abuse, and we close with Human Sexuality and Development (to include presentations from Crisis Pregnancy Center as well as the Municipality of Anchorage Family Planning Dept..) There will be information coming home about dates of presentations and a discussion night for parents with the teacher regarding Sexuality curriculum. In the middle of it all I look for teachable interests that appeal to the kids. Health Education has every intention to encourage students to make the right choices in life for their own personal benefit. I have always found parents to be very supportive of the material and discussion I teach, but I want you to know from me that I value any concern you experience and I welcome you to bring it to my attention. I am a parent of three children, ages 11, 13, and 15 and I very much respect the responsibility of parenthood, its virtues and challenges. Welcome to Health!
Peace and happiness always!
Eric N. Heil