Biology, Geology

Homeroom: Geo 1,2,6 - Bio 3,5
Phone: (907) 742-2500

I teach Geology & Biology here at West High School, go Eagles. I have a very open classroom style and do not believe in secrets in grading. I give the work and students can choose whether or not to
do it. I intentionally try to remain ignorant of their grades until progress report time or the end of semesters to avoid any subjectivity. Grades are posted weekly and students should always be aware of their progress or
lack thereof. I am available at lunch, after school and am always here by 7am. Life is full of challenges and many of my students face some unusual ones, but as long as the work gets done they should pass. I can look back at my
old classes and nearly every F earned was due to poor attendance. ATTENDANCE is mandatory and expected, a few exceptions due to illness might be ok, but I never missed a day of school from 4th - 12th grade and don't have
a lot of pity for students who 'just didn't feel like coming' or were 'having a bad day.' I understand there are exceptions and I can flexible, though there is a limit.
Personal information - Born in Fairbanks and have lived all over the place including; Oregon, Minnesota, Morocco and Colorado (and points in between). My
vocations, previous to teaching include; shrimp fisherman, strawberry farmer, OTR truck driver, mover for several years and other odd jobs...makes for some good
stories. I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, shooting, birding, pro football, college basketball, reading, skiing of all kinds and, sadly enough, video games.

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Sven Berglund, Science, The Anchorage High School