7th Grade Science 8th Grade Science, 7th Grade Language Arts

Homeroom: C119
Phone: (907) 742-7551

Welcome to 7th and 8th grade science!

What does Mrs. McKee expect?

Dear Students,

When you walk into room C119, you will be expected to think differently than in any other class in middle school. You will be expected to
think and act like scientists. To do this you will need to come prepared to be a productive member of the science classroom. The
following are lists of expectations, rules, and strategies that will help you begin the year on the right foot.

These are part of the packet that you agreed to at the beginning of the year. They are posted here for your reference.


1. Treat all students and teacher with respect and courtesy. This is expectation #1 for a reason. It is my job to maintain a safe classroom
environment that will allow every student to feel safe contributing in classroom discussions. Disrespect of fellow students and teachers
will not be tolerated.

2. Come to class prepared with all the materials you will need . This includes bringing all required materials (see the list below) and a
positive attitude on time to class.

3. Complete all work for the class on time. In order to accomplish this you must:

Ask for help if you do not understand an assignment.

Try your best.

When you are absent, call your buddy and find out what we did. Do the assignment if possible. If you miss a lab, you will need to
make it up as soon as you return.

4. Accept responsibility for your actions.

To be successful each day in science class you must bring your composition book, student planner, sharpened pencils, and completed
homework or projects.

Science Classroom Rules
The science room has expensive equipment, classroom animals, and protocols that must be followed in order to ensure the safety of all
students. Therefore there are special rules that all students must abide by when in the science room.

1.Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the science room. Horseplay, practical jokes, and pranks will not be tolerated.

2.You may only be in the science classroom when a teacher is present.

3.In order to use any equipment, supplies or animals you must obtain permission.

4.Follow all written or verbal instructions carefully.

5.Handle all animals with care and respect.

6.Report any accidents, injury or problems to the teacher immediately.

You will be assessed frequently during each quarter. Each week there will be homework assigned, usually 3+ times per week, and a quiz
at the end of each week. At the end of each unit there will be a test.

In addition, there will be a project assigned to each unit which will count as a test grade. Each project includes a rubric that clearly defines
how the work will be graded. It is essential that you keep the rubric throughout the project in order to ensure that you are completing all
necessary requirements. In most cases, I provide a series of steps to complete that allows students to make steady progress toward
finishing of the final project. However, it is the studentís responsibility to keep up with assignments in order to complete the project on

Your grade in science will be calculated as follows:

Tests, Quizzes & Projects 75%

Homework/Classwork/Science Notebook 25%

Class Participation/Behavior - can bring your grade either up or down by two points.

If you can explain something, then you really know it. For this reason, there will be many assessments, both homework and quizzes, that
will require students to explain what they know in written form. For any writing in science the following criteria are the minimal writing
standards and are expected of all written assignments.

- Complete Sentences
- Question/Answer format (Echo Question)
- Correct Punctuation
- Paragraph format (when writing more than one sentence)
- Vocabulary Spelling Correct (if it is part of the unit vocabulary it should be spelled correctly)

The school assigns homework in order to allow students to reinforce ideas just learned and to allow students to think about concepts
independently. In order for homework to be effective students need to complete work on time. For full credit an assignment needs to be
complete and on time. Late assignments will receive zero credit.