Natural Resources Management

Homeroom: Room 201
Phone: (907) 742-8964

The natural resources program introduces students to the broad field of resource management, with an emphasis on the relationship between the practical application and useage of those resources. The program teaches an integrated approach to soil and water conservation, wildlife and fisheries management, forestry, and recreation. The role of public agencies and private organizations in natural resource management is introduced to familiarize students with the necessary technical and communication skills and knowledge needed in the workplace. Throughout the course students are provided opportunities to participate in job shadows to experience the work environment.

Natural Resources Management Program Offers:
*Curriculum that will study about the conservation and resource development of Alaska Outdoor Resources
*Job Preparedness to enter the Work Force through Job Shadows and Mentorships
*Post Secondary Planning is provided through a Career Planning Unit
*Provides Student Scholarships
*College Credits available
*Employment Opportunities through various Business Partnerships