Special Education Teacher - Primary Life Skills

Homeroom: Rm 133
Phone: (907) 742-4500


I am excited to work with students in the Life Skills program at Denali. Students. In our classroom, we are busy learning academics, social skills, and life skills through a variety of interactive activities. We attend Music for 2 - 30 minute sessions , PE 3 - 30
minute sessions, Library 1 - 30 minute session, Art 2 - 1 hour sessions (twice a month), and Health 2 - 1 hour sessions (twice a month). We also go to recess and lunch daily with students from other classrooms. Please feel free to call school at 742-4500
or email me with any questions!

Melissa Frentzel, M. Ed
Special EducationTeacher - Primary Life Skills
Denali Montessori Elementary