Advertising, Art & Design

Homeroom: 180

Dear Parents,
Thank you for your positive guidance and support for your children who attend the Advertising, Art & Design program at the King Career Center. We believe you, your children, their siblings and friends, benefit from
relevant career education that is passionately delivered to all of Alaska’s youth by industry proven, experienced professionals.

As your young students develop skills that prepare them for the creative and commercial arts industries, they form the very population of talented employees and community artists that make Alaska a rich place to
work and live.

KCC is committed to excellence in our Advertising, Art & Design program. We are excited about the fall semester. Our network of professionals are forging their collaborative efforts to help lead students toward
learning career relevance and advanced technical education in the fine arts and commercial design fields.

We appreciate and thank you for recognizing that creative spark in your individual students and their need to become “work ready” in a hands-on, high-energy, imagination-based and creativity centered studio
classroom. Again, welcome to the Advertising, Art & Design expewrience!

Listed below are more ways that your students can benefit from each semester in the Advertising, Art & Design program.

• 1/2 high school English credit
• 1-1/2 high school elective credit
• 6 – 9 college credits can be awarded to Advertising, Art & Design students
from nationally recognized art colleges for a possible savings of:      
$518 per college credit,*
$1554 per college class*
$4662 for all nine college credits*
(*Approximate numbers based on average amounts awarded from various participating colleges)
• Guest speakers and guest who are practicing professionals in the fine arts and commercial design fields
• Access to current industry professionals through an On-the-Job-Training and Job Shadowing program
• Frequent field trips to art studios and advertising agencies
• Professional level, portfolio development during each semester

We would like to thank you in advance for considering the Advertising, Art & Design program, where your students can best make connections between their creative interests and an exhilarating pathway to their
career goals.

Charlie Lochner
Advertising, Art & Design